Conventional Legislation Service

There are many legal requirements that must be met to allow a manufacturer to place their automotive product on the market.

This is not just applicable for OEMs, but also Tier 1 and 2 suppliers of systems and components because the design and performance of their products can impact the vehicle certification. This is a complex and difficult to navigate subject, made more complicated by:

  • Different markets having different regulatory requirements
  • Requirements differing according to vehicle category or volumes produced
  • Specific requirements for importers
  • Standards and regulations evolving to keep pace with advancing vehicle technologies

To support our customers, HORIBA MIRA has created several reports that help with understanding these key topics. To view the content page, please click one of the following:

If there is a market that you are interested in which has not been covered above, we can complete a similar review for your chosen market.

For all Legislation Service enquiries please provide details of your requirements using the contact form below.

Should you require a report which focuses more on your product or vehicle and your intended market, we can also support these requests through a report tailored to your specific needs. Click here for more details on our Bespoke Legislation service.

HORIBA MIRA don’t just provide Conventional Legislation Services. Our team are on hand to assist in the process to obtain Type Approval for the chosen market. The level of support can be tailored to suit your needs. For further details, please click here.

To obtain a quote for any of these services, please populate the contact form here.

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