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The Future of Clean Mobility is Here

The global pursuit of net zero emissions demands nothing short of revolutionary change. To navigate this bold trajectory, the automotive industry requires not just innovation, but an unwavering commitment to sustainable vehicle development and production. This is where HORIBA MIRA steps in, ready to guide and empower your journey towards a cleaner, more sustainable automotive future.

Our commitment to sustainable mobility goes beyond innovation; it’s about rapid development, seamless integration, and rigorous validation. Through co-simulation, energy management research, and advanced verification of battery and fuel cell systems, we’re driving the swift integration of Net Zero technologies. With our unwavering dedication to environmental standards, we’re rewriting the rules of automotive research and engineering.

A Vision for Net Zero Mobility

At HORIBA MIRA we envision a world where the automotive industry rises to the challenge and becomes the driving force behind net zero mobility. The urgency to adapt is evident, with imminent regulations such as Euro 7 emissions standards and bans on internal combustion engine (ICE) car sales in various markets. This is not a choice – it’s a necessity for commercial survival.

At HORIBA MIRA, we believe in a comprehensive approach that goes beyond incremental improvements. Our focus is on developing a unified net zero mobility strategy that paves the way for cost-effective solutions within the required timeframes.

Unleashing Expertise: Engineering for a Sustainable Future

With nearly 80 years at the forefront of automotive engineering innovation, HORIBA MIRA is committed to propelling the transition to net zero. Through a multidisciplinary approach, powered by simulation, AI, data insights, and collaboration, we’re engineering solutions that redefine the future of mobility. Our forward-thinking initiatives range from comprehensive battery and powertrain development to our new state-of-the-art Driving Simulator Centre, reducing reliance on carbon-intensive prototypes.

Our Driving Simulator Centre revolutionises vehicle testing. It accelerates testing by 50 times, transforming a two-day real-world vehicle testing program into a 90-second simulation, significantly reducing carbon impact.

At HORIBA MIRA, we don’t just innovate – we optimise and enhance existing technologies to maximise their potential. Our experts dive deep into HiL, SiL, and DiL testing, employ market-leading HORIBA PEMS equipment for emissions testing, and leverage our Powertrain Propulsion Centre to drive innovation in RDE and NRMM testing. By revitalising established systems, we amplify their efficiency, performance, and sustainability, ushering in a new era of automotive excellence.

Fuelling Change: Agnostic to Clean Fuel Vectors

HORIBA MIRA doesn’t just adapt to emerging technologies; we actively invest in them. Our commitment to clean fuel vectors includes hydrogen, with a 1MW hydrogen electrolyser and a forthcoming onsite solar array, powering vehicles with renewable hydrogen.

Accelerating Momentum: A Collaborative Approach

Our collaboration with breakthrough companies is pivotal in driving net zero solutions from R&D to commercial success. HORIBA MIRA is an ecosystem of interconnected engineering technologies and cross-industry skills, ensuring a holistic approach that transcends challenges.

We’ve attracted visionary tenants like HVS, IVe, Viritech, and Ceres Power, fostering innovation and shaping the future of net zero mobility all from a single location – MIRA Technology Park.

Our Technology Park Transformation Initiatives

  • Renewable Energy: Solar power and water capture across 125km of test tracks
  • Sustainability: Recycling, zero landfill, and onsite wildlife meadows
  • Electrification: All site vehicles electrified for a cleaner, sustainable future

A Future in Focus: Advanced Manufacturing

Our vision extends beyond innovation. Our roadmap involves advanced manufacturing, turning solutions into reality. With a sprawling 2.4 million square feet and the potential for 2,000 new jobs, HORIBA MIRA is poised to revolutionise the automotive manufacturing landscape, adhering to net zero principles.

Join the Revolution: Together, We Drive Change

HORIBA MIRA is your partner in realising net zero mobility. Collaborate with us, embrace innovation, and shape the future of automotive sustainability. We’re united in purpose, working towards a cleaner world for generations to come.

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